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Again, I want to apologize for this project taking FOREVER to finish.
Also apologizing to German residents, Es tut mir leid, please blame Youtube. It continuously tells me that people living Germany will not be able to watch my video.

On to the video. Yes, Ex is his actual name (the guy who does the voice for Nissy & Hidaka). He was a replacement for Jason (the original casted voice). Secondly. Shinjiro's VA was a uber last minute decision, I couldn't find anyone to do his voice. So Shinjiro's VA is subject to change. I was amazed by the recording quality of Shuta and Nissy's VA's, they did a great job. The others... I should've redid Naoya's voice (time was not on my side, I'm sorry it didn't sound so good Maciek).

Anyways, there are many interesting food places in California, Orochan Ramen is one of them. Who wouldn't want to take on an insanely spicy food challenge? Many have tried, few have succeeded. Nissy came out victorious while the others failed. Poor Shuta, good luck with that meat dimension though. And the dialogue on the airplane was between Shinjiro and Nissy, it was a reference back to an older posting titled "Departure," if everyone can recall Shinji shoving Nissy into the overhead luggage compartment out of rage, which he totally would fit into right?

I love seeing my drawings somewhat animated, it's so awesome.
"The meat dimension" was coined from the Persona 4 series. The aggressive depiction of the meat dimension was inspired by the artists on deviantart:SandraMJ and DarkZorel from their persona4gotten web-comic.
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Click the image to enlarge
Inspired by: Hiimdaisy

Original comic/story by Hiimdaisy
Video: Comic-dub by Strawberrycreme26's team
skip to 2:10 in the video for that scene
Anyone ever heard of an LJ user named Hiimdaisy? If you do, *fist-bump* you are awesome!!! If not, shame.... Hiimdaisy draws the best parody web-comics I have ever read. Every fan of the "Persona series" knows Hiimdaisy's work. Their web-comics gained global popularity! And also gave rise to many new web-comic artists. Unfortunately, Hiimdaisy's work had been put on hiatus since last year and they shut down their LJ account (the page with the comics is now empty). I've provided links to the original comic above.

Hiimdaisy has inspired me to continue working hard on my own web-comic. Maybe one day, every AAA-fan around the world will know of my work like how Hiimdaisy has become legendary. One day...

I was unsure of how to draw a younger Naoya. I just stuck with giving him his natural hair color, same goatee though. Naoya had a bit of an interesting high school experience. Some of his schoolmates seem to have err.. problems? But it was a good idea for Naoya to go look at clubs to join. It's a great way to kill some time and make some new friends. Although, Naoya was scared off by first impressions. In the end, because he's too much of a nice guy to walk away, he joined both basketball and music club. He shakes it off as being an embarrassing memory, but it helped shape him into the tolerant leader his is today. Fictional Naoya should thank me.

Oh yes, I made an omake for this one, here you go:
Banchou= Gangster or kingpin

Hehehe... Nissy and his wild imagination. I was too lazy to ink this, sorry for the odd coloration.
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Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!
I definitely have more surprises in the upcoming year.
But for now, here's the last comic of 2011.
Click the picture to enlarge:
1) Asada Mao: 2010 Winter Olympic silver medalist, in terms of figure skating, she is Japan's pride.

No one really goes ice skating on New Year or New Year's Eve, it's way too cold. Speaking of cold, I'm not sure if Japan has snow right now (well as observed in the comic, you can make snow on an ice rink), there's no snow where I'm at (which is weird since we'd have a foot by now).

Shuta dragged everyone ice skating, since he loves the cold so much. And he "snowplowed" (a type of skating brake) those who disagreed to skate. Hehe... the snowmen look cute (I look like that too when someone pulls that on me). Shuta is so evil. Anyone notice that I always give Shinjiro and Shuta the coolest shirts. Look at what is on Shuta shirt! Everyone else is having so much fun. Chiaki looks so graceful, look out Asada Mao. Hmm... where did Nissy get the idea to "swim" on ice? Actually it's really fun to pretend to swim on ice, but then your belly gets all cold. No one loves snow more than Nissy. Coincidentally, you can make snow on ice by using your skates to shave the ice. Nissy is one crazy snowball warrior. But Misako is even better. If Chiaki can shatter windows(original comic), seeing Misako knock out Nissy is insane. Mhmm, AAA in their winter environment, so amusing...

Alight, see you all next year!

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Okay... it's a little late since their birthdays were days ago. I was busy!
This week's comic is a short animation I created!

I didn't have too much time to draw a full length comic. I've been busy even after finals. I have to work (real-life work) in the suburbs (so far!) until New Year. They really aren't letting me relax. Anyways, I was working on this animation to submit to a special on [community profile] attackallaround . This one is translated into English. I am so happy I made a good animation. My dream is slowly becoming a reality!

Enjoy the animation everyone!!!

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Happy Halloween everyone!!! Click the image for enlarged view
It's up, the Halloween special is finally up and I am so happy that I finished it in time!

Yeah! That's right! I said it! Here comes the hate mail.
I don't necessarily "hate" Twilight, I just did not enjoy the quality of the film itself. I have nothing against the series. But I love poking fun at it. Huh, who knew Hidaka was a closet Jacob fan.

Basically, they decided to have a Halloween party at work. Everyone is having a great time and everybody has great costumes. Well, I'm pretty sure they don't have trick-or-treating in Japan. And also, everyone can see which one Shuta is, right? From a side view, I can't tell him apart from Hidaka until I color their hair. But yeah, Shuta is in a Kitsune ninja outfit. Haha, I gave Naoya and Hidaka their awkward "Shizaya" (Durarara) moment (with a Twilight reference).

As for our wonderful Nissy... NEVER LOAD HIM UP WITH SUGAR. No one wants to be around a super hyper Nissy! Unless you want all hell to break loose. Lol Shin with handcuffs, where was he hiding those? My cousin whom is a hardcore "Reborn" fan, was looking at this and she screamed out, "KYAAA THE HANDCUFFS, IT'S HIBARI'S CAMBIO FORMA!!!" Hehe... crazy Reborn fan. It's not Hibari's handcuffs. Excuse the monologue, but in any case, hoped you enjoyed it!
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Click on the image or here for a larger view.

1.) Wagyu: Expensive high quality beef.
2.) Itai!: Ouch!

I can't believe I wrote this. I am such a nerd and know nothing about this...*face palming myself into oblivion*
It's an idea that I've had for a while, seeing as how shounen-ai fanservice has been a big money maker in the entertainment industry. (there was a documentary done on it) There was a specific company that lives off this... not saying any names, but you know who. Call me old fashioned, I liked music when it was all just about the music.

Regardless this was funny and based off someone's user pic I saw in a forum somewhere. It was a picture of a celebrity eating ramen and it said "...... doesn't pay us enough to buy food." or something like that. I'm just playing around with pairings, gahh... I wanted to do more pairings but they don't fit on one page.

LIES, ALL OF IT, LIES!!! I am not paying them to do fanservice! They just want attention. There is some truth to this though. Artists don't get that much money, sure they get more than normal people, but not a whole lot. Their record label, production team, and managers take a very large chunk from sales/concerts. Thus, leaving Naoya and the rest to eat instant noodles, cookies, candy, and packed lunches. Although, Shin and Nissy just happened to get their attention when they mention eating out. Apparently, fanservice sells better than talent. Naoya and his bad ideas take it up notch and is defeated by chopsticks. Yes! Shuta and his mad chopstick skills.

btw, I was told not to release the name of my source for record label salary thing (awesomely, they get free i-pods, bikes, phones, and NDS's). And... I have that shirt that Shin is wearing...(Prussia screaming "I am awesome")
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Wow! I haven't been on for a while. I apologize, my excuse this time is that psychology class got in the way.

But it seems like I'm not the only one who has been absent for a bit, it looks pretty quiet on here in general. Where is everyone?!

On to today's comic:  Due to popular demand, Pika-Nao has been brought back for this special comic. Now you know why Shuta was grinning evilly in the previous comic. Nissy and Shuta went to go bribe convince Naoya to do something cool for this illustrator's birthday(on Aug. 28). So they bribed tempted Naoya with my ice cream cake.

Nao-kun is doing the "chicken dance" in a Pikachu suit... You know you love it...
The things Naoya will do for cake.......

PS If you noticed in the corner, my sig has changed. When I was in Taiwan, I got a custom stamp made so I can stamp my pen name and logo on my artwork. Hahaha it's Tako-chan!!!
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I got to go to my first night market on day 2 of my trip here in Taiwan. The food is delicious and there are so many vendors lined up along the street. As the name suggests, this market is only open at night. You can find a wide variety of food and snacks here. There are many night markets throughout Taiwan, Shilin is one of the bigger ones.

After arriving in Taiwan, everyone is hungry from their short flight. Since Chiaki is more familiar with Taiwan, she directs everyone to the night market for a quick fix. Hidaka is very much bothered by the smell of the stinky tofu. The smell is a cross between sour milk and rotten ham. I made a joke about it being the national dish, it's not the national dish, it'd be really scary if it was. Oh yes, they have little festival/carnival games in the night market too. Shrimp fishing for example is a common thing you'll see at these night markets. It's so weird, they give you a little fishing line and when you hook a shrimp, the vendor grills it for you to eat. The sausage... really, it's a sausage within a sausage. A bigger one is sliced open, pickled veggies are thrown in, and another sausage is stuffed into it. You eat it like a hotdog, so bizarre!


May. 30th, 2011 11:08 pm
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I'm sorry...
I was experimenting with vertical page style. It is a page killer, never again! It looks better horizontal with 6 panels, imo.

But yeah...
It basically spams everyone's page at full size, so click the minimized image to view a super big comic!
1.) Origami kit: Like how other airlines have coloring books and word searches, JAL has origami kits.
2.) Minna: Everyone

Gyaaaaaaa!!!!! My tickets have been confirmed I'm leaving Tuesday (tomorrow Chicago, US time). I'm flying off to Taiwan. It's been great everyone, I'm off to my vacation.

Oh, but worry not. I have two other comics pre-drawn (I couldn't finish the others), so I can post from my apartment in Taiwan. A warning in advance, the next few comics will either be lacking backgrounds or quality. The first two are okay because I drew them in Chicago before leaving, but.... after that, they will be super crude if you don't mind (I have no scanner in my Taiwan apartment, I will draw on MS paint if I must).

The title of this comic is not a pun off the album with the same title, I'm making a reference to my own departure (but it works out the other way too). The "Attack Crew" is heading out on vacation in Taiwan for a while. What adventures are in store for them when they arrive?!

Naoya is super paranoid about how such a large metal object can fly through the sky... Shuta is horribly air-sick (I'm the same way on planes). Nissy is.... being Nissy. Shinjiro just wants to sleep undisturbed. Hidaka doesn't care as long as Shinjiro isn't doing terrifying things to him. Chiaki and Misako are enjoying their itinerary planning. Wow... I got Nissy to fit in an overhead compartment, sweet. Hahahaha, I just love the murderous fiery aura given off by Shin in the lower panel. Anger fire is the best! You do not disturb Shin when he is sleeping. Anyone notice the dead Shuta on Naoya's lap? Motion sickness is not fun.

Alright! Thank you for reading and supporting AAAttackers. There's more Taiwan comic specials coming up.
My family is from "Thailand," I'm vacationing to "Taiwan," different countries, kay.

Wish me a safe flight!!!

Otaku Day

May. 19th, 2011 02:33 pm
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1.) Oda-san: Eiichiro Oda, creator of the "One Piece" series.
2.) Kawaii: Cute.
3.) "I'll bite you to death": Famous quote by Hibari from the "Reborn!" series.
4.) Hey Kid Your Head is on Fire: Reference to the main character of "Reborn!" when he is in combat mode, also used as the title of the "Reborn!" fan panel.

This is the lovely ACen special for AAAttackers.
In tribute to the anime convention being in town right now, all of AAA will be attending and cosplaying at their own anime convention.

Nissy:    Luffy (One Piece)

Naoya:  Pikachu (Pokemon)

Shuta:  Death the Kid (Soul Eater)

Chiaki:  Celty (Durarara!!)

Hidaka: Gray Fullbuster (Fairy Tail)

Shin:     Hibari Kyoya (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)

Misako: Fuu (Samurai Champloo)

Nissy looks so cute in his Luffy cosplay doesn't he? Naoya... I don't know why I put him in a Pikachu outfit... it was random... but he looks good in it! Not only did Naoya get glomped, he totally got dog-piled! Hidaka is being a perv, he is too into character, lol. The only reason you can tell which one is Shuta is because of his double piercing. Other than that, everyone looks so different in cosplay. I didn't know what Misako would dress up as, I was deciding between Miku (Vocaloid) and Fuu, obviously Fuu won... but Miku would've been more appropriate. I can easily imagine Shin in all his awesomeness cosplaying as Hibari from Reborn! Chiaki is Celty because I wanted at least one person in Durarara!! cosplay.

I will soon be off to my nerdy anime convention. This is being posted now because I leave for the convention early Friday morning. There is a high possibility that I will be able to respond to comments super early Friday. Other than that, I'm gone the entire weekend. I'm cosplaying too... pictures will be on my journal when I return.

I'm off to go have fun. Enjoy the comic and have a great weekend!!!

Fan Death!

May. 16th, 2011 03:03 pm
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1.) Atsui: hot.
2.) Omake: additional bonus.
I've started doing footnotes to avoid confusion with non-otaku / non-Japanese speakers.

Wahhhhh! I took too long with this one but it's finally up!!!
When I was in Japan during one of their worst summers, the only word that came out of peoples' mouths was "atsui..." Everywhere I went, people whined and sighed... atsui. It's one of those things where you hear something way too much that you say it subconsciously. Thanks to "Nihao Kai-lan" I can't stop saying the Chinese word for slippers...

This story was based off my friend Robert's experience with "fan death."
The omake was added to explain the randomness in the comic above.

But yes.... believe it or not, there are people in Asia who really believe in death by fan. They really do think that you can die if you leave a fan on in a closed room. I am not kidding, heck my mom believes in it... we aren't allowed to turn on the fan unless we leave the door open.

Anyways, it's finally starting to warm up. Who wouldn't want to lounge in front of a fan all day? Shuta would've enjoyed his nap if superstitious Naoya didn't interrupt with his craziness. I've brought back Naoya's super tackle... he'd be a good glomper... I think the ice cream may have melted during Naoya's fan assault since he dropped it by the door. Aren't these two awesome?! Bwahahaha! I gave Shuta's wall a "Durarara" poster! Its a poster of Izaya because he is a cool cell phone destroyer.


Apr. 20th, 2011 06:48 pm
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I'm sorry that I'm behind by a whole week and a half. Things have been a little crazy... with Thai New Year going on ALL MONTH for me and crazy projects for school. I feel so much better to finally post this one up. Better late than never, right?

But yes! Thai New Year is indeed this month. It is celebrated by all and wherever Thai people can be found (a good amount of them living in Japan). Normally we'd use buckets to splash people but then... the Europeans brought Super Soakers and powned everyone. The water festival has been practiced for centuries as an act of cleansing oneself for the approaching new year. And yes... there are plenty of elephants that REALLY participate by hosing people with water.
btw it's the year 2554 because the Buddhist Calender is 543 years faster than the Roman Calender.

Anyway... Naoya and Hidaka were on their way to the ultimate Gundam museum/store when they unexpectedly ran into Nissy. Misako and Chiaki basically took Nissy to the festival to check out the food. Nissy, on the other hand, wanted to play with water pistols and obtained a really big one somehow. When Nissy says, "better start running" it was implied that he would be the one chasing them... but it totally turned around on him, *face palm* poor Nissy.

Side note: Misako is holding a skewer of grilled meatballs with sweet and sour sauce, a common festival food (darn I want some now). Why Tako-chan is outside and not in water? (unexplained mysteries) Guess what, it's an amphibious pet octopus, so there!

(hurray, cheers, huzzah, etc...) Happy New Year!!!
I made a color picture of the Songkran (Thai New Year)
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This one is the first comic in a long while...
I changed the style of the profile view as well as adding more 3/4 positions for the characters. (which I haven't done before seeing as all the old drawings were primarily profiles and full frontal)

While I was drawing this... it made me think of AAA, which made me think of Japan, which made me think of my friends... and in turn made me really depressed. On the bright side, Japan's economy gets a huge boost and they get to build themselves up again. There have been a lot of people helping them. Lots of donations from all over and lots of helping hands too. "In disaster or glory rise again from the ashes." Japan is strong and I keep telling my friends over there "watcha worried bout, everything will be okay." And it will be okay, just stay strong.

Well anyways, I had a horrible experience with soy sauce at a joint in Japan. I swear it looked like tea! Come on, it was in a teapot! Idiots like me would assume it was "tea." I wanted to retell my stupidity... and an epic win for Nissy, disposing evidence... into the wrong place. Nissy's logic never ceases to amuse us and Shin's confusion at the end is priceless.

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I'm having so many problems this week.
I was supposed to post the comic yesterday, but after I arrived at work 50 miles away from home, I discovered that I hadn't brought any of my drawing supplies with me. Not even a pencil.

I got stuck drawing everything in pen. I can fix my mistakes with a pencil, my professional inking pens provide contrast in volume and darkness, my measuring tools, and I left all of it at home!

Since I can't erase ball-point pen, there's no obligation to draw well. I'm quite sloppy with ball-point pens anyways...
Bear with me folks.

Wahhhhh! My drawing looks like garbage, no pun intended.
Actually, the angry Shinjiro in panel 4 turned unexpectedly good.

The more mature members seem to be enjoying their little break because I made them look like doodles and they don't feel the need to be doing anything important.

As for the other guys. They came across a "freegan" website and decided to go dumpster diving for the cause. All around the world, some countries have a surplus in perfectly good resources and food which they stupidly throw out like nothing instead of giving it to those in need. Freegans raid dumpsters, industrial and business, and give out the perfectly good food, blankets, books, chairs, etc. to fellow freegans or those who need it. Freeganism is like reverse recycling.

Nissy is being a little mean to Shin here since he is implying that Shin had thrown his life in the trash. By the looks of it, they borrowed some equipment from the "Crash" video (Shin's search light). I should have added a pickax. It's still a really productive thing to be doing while I get the next comic set up. Tako-chan has made another surprise appearance and Hidaka seemed to have misplaced her for a while.

This is not an official comic, it will not be added to the "Chapter Index."

E-A-T Test

Jan. 11th, 2011 09:16 pm
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One whole day late, but oh well.
First comic of the year!!!
Happy Birthday Chiaki!

Although I'm still on winter vacation, having a guest around seems to be just as time consuming. I'm surprised at the amount of drawing I couldn't get done.

Anyways, Chiaki wanted to go visit some friends in Taiwan for her birthday. The rest of AAA bid her farewell and sent her off with a box of delicious pastries. Well apparently not all of them. Impersonating airport security, is there no end to Naoya's obsession with cake...

This was actually based off a similar scenario from "Dub This!" (a discontinued web-comic). The illustrator of Dub This! bought a cinnabon before going through security check. Before getting checked, a guard sees the cinnabon and suggests to confiscate it and do an E-A-T test. Then he tries to snatch the cinnabon in a failed attempt as the illustrator recoils. Then both of them laugh about it.


Dec. 30th, 2010 09:44 pm
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Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!
You probably know where I'm going with this week's comic.
So enjoy the new comic... the last on for this year, YAY!

In tribute to "Billiam" for this situation was loosely based off him.
Ahh... I still remember how silly he was... and he was the on who brought it.

This is a rough illustration of what concoction Nissy drank:
Note: Apparently, some of my fans who read this are children, so I drew a cactus on the bottle instead.
It is a deadly mix indeed.
You know what Hidaka... being Nissy-handled isn't such a bad thing... (ignore that)
And Shinjiro who is not present, sits at home (not at all sick) laughing his butt off about how he got out of going to Hidaka's New Year party. Ahahaha!!! I put up a "King of Fighters" poster on the wall because I needed to fill up the empty space. I enjoy drawing random irrelevant posters.

See you all next year!!!!
Or tomorrow depending on how fast you reply.


Dec. 16th, 2010 07:30 pm
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Happy birthday Hidaka and Shuta.
The two consecutive birthdays... long overdue but finally putting it up now.
Enjoy the double feature! Two pages of awesomeness...

If you were directed here from[community profile] attackallaround you don't need to read this little section:
Anyways, there are a handful of people here who are new to this web-comic and the world that is AAA.
First things first, as you already know, AAA is a j-pop group.
"Hallelujah" is one of their greatest hits. There's one scene from the music video where Hidaka dives and his bandmates catch him, then catapult him backwards, that's where the comic reference comes from.

(You guys can read these, they're my open thoughts)

I think this is really funny. Nishijima totally set-up Shuta.
Because Naoya's a cake addict he always makes special appearances in the birthday specials. But isn't Nissy so cute?! Oh, and in case anyone was wondering this, those actually are Hidaka's English lyrics for half of his rap (yes, I know they don't make sense).
The animations for this one were fun to work on. They're very simple for now.

Since I did one really big comic I'm taking a break Christmas week (next week).
I'll probably get the next one up either New Year week or the beginning of next year.

Happy holidays everyone!!!

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Sorry, no comic this week, not to mention this is kind of late.

But... Let's play "Where's Waldo." The wonderful game of searching for something hidden in a mess, featuring none other than the awesome Attack All Attackers members. In short, let's call them the "Attack Crew!"

I had the honor of decorating this year's Christmas tree, which in fact is a real tree (first time seeing one up close).

Can you find all 7 members of the Attack Crew hidden in the tree?!

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Happy Birthday Shinjiro!

Aww man!
I wanted to get this up on Friday, but then it was Black Friday so I didn't sleep(since Thursday) then I passed out and woke up on Saturday. Right after waking up since I slept through all of Friday, I couldn't work on this because I had to go to a friend's birthday party.

Well HAHA! My animation is now evolving.
I now have the patience to sketch each movement. OMG Nissy is walking!!! He's really walking!!! I am so happy! Yeah no, I did a good job on this one. Naoya will never give up, where ever there's cake, he'll be there. Hahahahaha! This is so cute!

I'm so sorry that this one was posted several days late.
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Happy Birthday Naoya!

I actually almost forgot his birthday was today (yesterday).
My friend Izzy laughed at me and said, "you're a AAA fan, how could YOU forget?"

This is another partly animated comic.
I thought about "Chocolate Factory," and Naoya was one of the misbehaving children. I wanted to make him fat from the cake but cartoon characters never get fat... Going to a cake factory for Naoya's birthday is a dream come true for in-story Naoya. Although, it's more of a baked goods factory. Naoya is just awesome!
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