Jun. 27th, 2012

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Inspired by: Hiimdaisy

Original comic/story by Hiimdaisy
Video: Comic-dub by Strawberrycreme26's team
skip to 2:10 in the video for that scene
Anyone ever heard of an LJ user named Hiimdaisy? If you do, *fist-bump* you are awesome!!! If not, shame.... Hiimdaisy draws the best parody web-comics I have ever read. Every fan of the "Persona series" knows Hiimdaisy's work. Their web-comics gained global popularity! And also gave rise to many new web-comic artists. Unfortunately, Hiimdaisy's work had been put on hiatus since last year and they shut down their LJ account (the page with the comics is now empty). I've provided links to the original comic above.

Hiimdaisy has inspired me to continue working hard on my own web-comic. Maybe one day, every AAA-fan around the world will know of my work like how Hiimdaisy has become legendary. One day...

I was unsure of how to draw a younger Naoya. I just stuck with giving him his natural hair color, same goatee though. Naoya had a bit of an interesting high school experience. Some of his schoolmates seem to have err.. problems? But it was a good idea for Naoya to go look at clubs to join. It's a great way to kill some time and make some new friends. Although, Naoya was scared off by first impressions. In the end, because he's too much of a nice guy to walk away, he joined both basketball and music club. He shakes it off as being an embarrassing memory, but it helped shape him into the tolerant leader his is today. Fictional Naoya should thank me.

Oh yes, I made an omake for this one, here you go:
Banchou= Gangster or kingpin

Hehehe... Nissy and his wild imagination. I was too lazy to ink this, sorry for the odd coloration.


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