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Name:Attack All Attackers
Location:Illinois, United States of America
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Community description:This is a fanmade web-comic based on the J-pop group AAA and features various random short stories.
About Myself:

I was cleaning up the piles of paper and junk in my room, when I uncovered all of my old comic strips and panels I used when I still worked in illustration. It was all of my original ideas in storyboard form. I though, "Hey, why not? I could still use these." I've always wanted to have my own fan art/web-comic page. I've always been thinking about it, but haven't had the chance to plan it out. I was became interested in this by another web-comic called "Dub This!" it was run by an acquaintance of mine. But that web-comic is no longer running. I want to give this try.

I just want to draw!

I once worked as an illustrator for a student art program. But that's all in the past. I remember watching a cousin of mine who was an illustrator for "Tokyo Pop"(large English translated manga distributor) draw. I enjoyed watching him draw so much, I respected him, but I was always too shy to say so. I guess my cousin was my inspiration for getting into illustration.

During the time in which I worked in illustration, a time I refuse to consider a good memory, I drew much better than I do now. Working as an illustrator is a tough task. It was so painful to endure and yet I'm leaping back into it again. I remember going three days without food and sleep just so I could make my panel deadlines. Working on detailed illustrations was torture. Back then, I drew better because I could see. Somewhere down the road, when I was working in illustration, the doctors at the hospital noticed that I had a problem with my eyes. I had a rare eye condition which even to this day, cause and origins still remain a mystery. I got surgery at a free clinic. After full recovery, I realized... I couldn't see. My vision was colorless and blurry. The doctors told me that my eyes were damaged beyond repair, I'll be this way forever. Even now, I'm very close to being blind. I draw without really knowing where my lines are. I can't draw anything symmetrically either. It doesn't stop me from doing what I was formally best at.

About the Comic:

The characters in this web-comic will be based off a Japanese pop group called "AAA" (triple A) or "Attack All Around." For more information, look them up on your own time. For rights and legal purposes, "Avex Group" owns AAA. These comics I draw are unrelated to AAA and are pure fiction. There is no correlation between AAA and these stories. Although, the fictional content of these stories are only fictional to the extent of whether you chose to believe them or not. Think of it as fan art with an illustrated story.

Note: The characters' bios have been inaccurately tweaked in order for the characters to stay true to their in-comic personalities. They do not reflect their real-life counterparts.
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