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Sorry everyone, this is "Looqnus's" first time doing a web-illustration. The panels are not clear and sequential, which is why I will be narrating.

Hopefully I can translate this properly into English.
Here it goes:
Basically... Chiaki runs off from her responsibilities to go have some fun. She plants a tree which then sprouts "facebook" and "twitter" apps. Because they totally grow on trees. She procrastinates and continues playing with "twitter." Then out of nowhere, the "paperwork monster" appears and reminds her that she still has a few things to finish up before she can play around. Disappointed, she realizes that your own responsibilities have a priority over social networking.

Looqnus had told me that stories with lessons are easy for people to relate to.
Anyways, Looqnus is happy about the guest artist special I'm having on here.

I hope all of you liked Looqnus's comic, it was very cute!
Next up, I think it will be by "Jartist4," I need to go check on that.
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Sorry, no comic this week, not to mention this is kind of late.

But... Let's play "Where's Waldo." The wonderful game of searching for something hidden in a mess, featuring none other than the awesome Attack All Attackers members. In short, let's call them the "Attack Crew!"

I had the honor of decorating this year's Christmas tree, which in fact is a real tree (first time seeing one up close).

Can you find all 7 members of the Attack Crew hidden in the tree?!

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Yes... I sound childish, but I MADE A PUMPKIN NISHI!!!!
Yah! Based off the chibi Nishijima.
Halloween wouldn't be complete without a Jack-O-Lantern, right?!



I spent a lot of time on this one pumpkin.
Ack! My arm is killing me. It feels as if I have no strength left in my hand and arm, all because of this pumpkin. I'm dead serious, I can't move my fingers! I can't even pick up a pencil let alone type. I'm typing with my left hand right now.
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TEIOH was another great drama Shinjiro had starred in. Shinjiro's character gets into a lot of trouble went his girlfriend is snatched away by an arrogant host. So the main character (Tsukamoto Takashi) whom is his friend, seeks revenge, makes a bet with the host and joins the nightlife scene by becoming a host himself. Eventually, the main character chases the host out of town. In the ever so tough world of the Japanese nightlife, Shin and the main character  struggle to run a host club together. After many disastrous moments, both of them end up running a cabaret club instead. After settling into what now seems like a stable situation, trouble arises again...

This made me laugh a little because I was discussing spiked hair with someone not too long ago. But umm... I also laughed because I had never drawn Shinjiro with spiked hair. It's the DBZ phase all over again. I'm kidding! Yeah, Shin's hair was very interesting during the "Breakdown" era. (I don't even recognize him in this picture)
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Okay... that was a really lame title.
One of Shinjiro's most memorable roles would probably be the uptight class president in "Delicious Gakuen."

DeliGaku is probably the first drama I've ever seen with Shin in it. At first, he came off as a jerk, but then further into the story, it shows that he had a good heart all along. It was just the best drama ever!!!
Don't forget, there's still more in store for Shin week!!!

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Today... but October 3rd Japan time(yesterday). The anime version of "Shinrei Tantei Yakumo"  (Psychic Detective Yakumo) was just released and is  now airing on NHK. In the past, Shinjiro Atae starred as the main character of the live-action drama version. Although, he has nothing to do with the anime, I thought it would be cool to make an homage to the series featuring Shinjiro, since he's worked on it once before. I made some fanart!

Here you go! Doesn't Shin look cool?!
I'm just so pumped up, I can't wait until people start subbing the anime. I've seen the drama and it was pretty good, but I wish it was less dialogue. Ahaha... don't get me started on the manga... mind blowing. Speaking of manga, the anime will be based off the "revised series," not the original storyline.

This is the big kick-off for SHINJIRO WEEK!!!
Stay tuned for more specials as we honor Shinjiro's acting career.
Shinrei Tantei Yakumo was only the beginning!


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