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1.) Oishi: Delicious
2.) Chow mein: Common Chinese noodle dish
3) Shenme: (shen-ma) Mandarin for "what?"
4.) Xiexie: (shi-e shi-e) Mandarin for "thank you"

Aww... I got this one up a little late. I'm having a bit of a crazy time in Taiwan right now, constantly getting lost at every corner... nearly getting kidnapped (jk).

So at these banquets, you need to gather a minimum of 8 people to eat tons of super delicious food with you. Banquet food usually consists of upscale dishes that are not sold in common restaurants. Getting invited to a Taiwanese banquet is an opportunity that should not be passed.

Chiaki has a basic understanding in Mandarin, but when put on the spot... she seems to have forgotten how to speak Mandarin... Nice... Yet, Hidaka and Misako were able to thank their host properly. Sorry for the lack of background, this was the last comic I squeezed in before boarding the plane. I still got one more week in Taiwan, yay!

This scenario was based off a past dining experience... Arata is probably murdering me in her mind right now, muahahaha! PS I've been here for two weeks and "hello", "thank you", and "what", are the only words I know... (almost no one speaks English here in Taiwan, I don't know how I survived).

Date: 2011-07-27 08:36 am (UTC)
shienx: (Chiaki Ito)
From: [personal profile] shienx
Lol, the comic is adorable!


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