Sun, Meat, and Bravery EP00

Again, I want to apologize for this project taking FOREVER to finish.
Also apologizing to German residents, Es tut mir leid, please blame Youtube. It continuously tells me that people living Germany will not be able to watch my video.

On to the video. Yes, Ex is his actual name (the guy who does the voice for Nissy & Hidaka). He was a replacement for Jason (the original casted voice). Secondly. Shinjiro's VA was a uber last minute decision, I couldn't find anyone to do his voice. So Shinjiro's VA is subject to change. I was amazed by the recording quality of Shuta and Nissy's VA's, they did a great job. The others... I should've redid Naoya's voice (time was not on my side, I'm sorry it didn't sound so good Maciek).

Anyways, there are many interesting food places in California, Orochan Ramen is one of them. Who wouldn't want to take on an insanely spicy food challenge? Many have tried, few have succeeded. Nissy came out victorious while the others failed. Poor Shuta, good luck with that meat dimension though. And the dialogue on the airplane was between Shinjiro and Nissy, it was a reference back to an older posting titled "Departure," if everyone can recall Shinji shoving Nissy into the overhead luggage compartment out of rage, which he totally would fit into right?

I love seeing my drawings somewhat animated, it's so awesome.
"The meat dimension" was coined from the Persona 4 series. The aggressive depiction of the meat dimension was inspired by the artists on deviantart:SandraMJ and DarkZorel from their persona4gotten web-comic.

AAAttackers Street-Art

It wasn't literally on a street...
As you all know, Byakko is a bit of an iconic mascot for the web-comic. So I drew him outside in an area of high foot-traffic. There's a Swedish neighborhood in Chicago called "Andersonville." This area has a lot of hip restaurants and bakeries. My birthday was on the 28th of August and my uncle was treating me to dinner and ice cream there. But I drew this today on the 29th, we celebrated today instead.

There's also a well known comic book store called "Alleycat," which is actually in an alley. You need to walk through a tiny nook between two buildings, follow it and you'll arrive in a small alley and there stands Alleycat. In front of the store there's brick pavement and lots of chalk. So people just draw random stuff all over the ground.
I was eating a rapidly melting ice cream cone from a nearby ice cream parlor while drawing this. So Byakko was the fastest thing I could draw in my current situation. I even signed my pen-name "Epik" in the corner.

Yeah, people who hang around Alleycat will definitely see Byakko. Isn't it awesome?!

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Okay, the new comic is finally up. After all those weeks of no internet, finally!!! Without internet, I have been sewing (with or without, I use my time productively).

So... yes another catsitting job for Shuta. "Where's the cat?" Yeah, Shuta wasn't kidding when he said Byakko was nearby, lol. Byakko's digging claws and poor Shuta and his shirt(s)... Byakko needing to be pried off Shuta. Well yeah, Byakko should be super mad for getting such a humiliating haircut. Don't worry Byakko, your fur will grow back. The newest addition to the group... tada: a turtle named Genma. I'm still thinking about what other pets the members will have, but I will not be giving everyone a pet. Pets that secretly plot things without their masters knowing about it, muahahahaha. For the most part, it turned into an introduction to Genma, who is so cute.

There's a P4A mention in there too. I can't wait to play it either, I pre-ordered it and it comes out next month.

The next comic will be a little delayed. I'm going to make a special and it will probably be posted up after my birthday. It's going to take me a long time to make it anyways and it'll be "different," so I hope it turns out good. It's something new for me to work on, so I'm looking forward to it.
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High School Memories

Click the image to enlarge
Inspired by: Hiimdaisy

Original comic/story by Hiimdaisy
Video: Comic-dub by Strawberrycreme26's team
skip to 2:10 in the video for that scene
Anyone ever heard of an LJ user named Hiimdaisy? If you do, *fist-bump* you are awesome!!! If not, shame.... Hiimdaisy draws the best parody web-comics I have ever read. Every fan of the "Persona series" knows Hiimdaisy's work. Their web-comics gained global popularity! And also gave rise to many new web-comic artists. Unfortunately, Hiimdaisy's work had been put on hiatus since last year and they shut down their LJ account (the page with the comics is now empty). I've provided links to the original comic above.

Hiimdaisy has inspired me to continue working hard on my own web-comic. Maybe one day, every AAA-fan around the world will know of my work like how Hiimdaisy has become legendary. One day...

I was unsure of how to draw a younger Naoya. I just stuck with giving him his natural hair color, same goatee though. Naoya had a bit of an interesting high school experience. Some of his schoolmates seem to have err.. problems? But it was a good idea for Naoya to go look at clubs to join. It's a great way to kill some time and make some new friends. Although, Naoya was scared off by first impressions. In the end, because he's too much of a nice guy to walk away, he joined both basketball and music club. He shakes it off as being an embarrassing memory, but it helped shape him into the tolerant leader his is today. Fictional Naoya should thank me.

Oh yes, I made an omake for this one, here you go:
Banchou= Gangster or kingpin

Hehehe... Nissy and his wild imagination. I was too lazy to ink this, sorry for the odd coloration.
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Popsicle Quest

Click the image to enlarge view

Yes, the newest comic is up. It took a lot longer than I thought. It always takes me longer to finish when I start making new backgrounds. Well, once I complete the backgrounds, I save them as photoshop templates to use in future scenes. You'd be surprised by the lack of backdrops I have in my folder... That's why I keep creating new ones.

Gahhh... The beginning of the comic sounds like the start of a cheesy commercial.
It has been getting hot lately. Why not sit back and enjoy something cold... Oh wait, Nissy can't because of the diminishing supply of NomNom-Bars (based off the GariGari-kun popsicles). Shuta's taunt forces Nissy to begin his quest for the highly prized NomNom-Bars. Nissy searches every convenience store but ends in failure. But then kids?! Really Nissy?! As for the last resort, wouldn't it have been ideal to have gone straight for the source to begin with? In the end, he does get his NomNom-Bars. He is riding a bike, by the way.

I had a friend read this before I posted it and they told me that this was the only thing on their mind:
I can totally see how they thought that...
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Beware the Guardian

Yes, I'm back.
AAAttackers is off hiatus. And so, here is a brand new comic...
If they went on a fishing trip...
Click the image to enlarge

1.Tasukete!- help me!

The three of them decided on going fishing for the summer. So they went to Sapporo, Hokkaido. They had originally invited Shuta since he's such a master angler (as if being an ace on ice skates wasn't enough). However, Shuta declined because he was busy. Instead, he recommended that they fish along the Ishikari river and he even informed them about the "Guardian's" legend. Chiaki, Shinjiro, and Hidaka are very excited about their fishing trip. They geared up and even respected the tale of the "Guardian," well... most of them. Forget the hunting dog, Shinjiro's got Byakko who is also awesome at fishing. Notice in the fifth panel, Byakko is waving bye while Hidaka is being yanked into the water. What an adventurous trip, haha! Oh, don't worry, they saved Hidaka eventually. But the looks on their faces when seeing the guardian, priceless.

This comic was inspired by my own fishing trip, although I only caught one tiny trout. And the fish tale was taken from the Persona 4 anime (ep14) when Narukami encounters the "Guardian" for the first time. I really wanted to capture that that moment in my comic. I had the same expression when I saw the "Guardian" in the anime too.

This is the original scene from Persona 4:
SMT: Persona 4 belongs to Atlus(c)

Arrow to the Knee

Obviously everyone has noticed that I haven't updated for months.
Well, from the title... I'm not injured! Anyone ever heard the term "arrow to the knee?" It's an overused quote, but it's a metaphor, no real arrows are involved. It is taken from the quote: "I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee."(it's from Skyrim, I don't play it though) It means you formally did something that you enjoyed, but then something happened where you suddenly had to stop.

Yeah, I had to stop drawing temporarily. I didn't really notify anyone, sorry about that.
Reason for halting the comics is that the Chicago Anime convention is next month and I'm not done with my cosplay. The construction of my cosplay has higher priority than my comics. I have been working on my cosplay for the past few weeks and I've been playing "Persona 4" to clear my head.

Below is a drawing of some of the reasons I haven't had time to draw:
And there you have it.
My time hasn't been exactly well managed... notice the metaphorical arrow in my knee.
HOWEVER... I will be putting up a brand new comic around the time of the convention which is April 27 - 29.
Okay! Back to work on my cosplay!

Icy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!
I definitely have more surprises in the upcoming year.
But for now, here's the last comic of 2011.
Click the picture to enlarge:
1) Asada Mao: 2010 Winter Olympic silver medalist, in terms of figure skating, she is Japan's pride.

No one really goes ice skating on New Year or New Year's Eve, it's way too cold. Speaking of cold, I'm not sure if Japan has snow right now (well as observed in the comic, you can make snow on an ice rink), there's no snow where I'm at (which is weird since we'd have a foot by now).

Shuta dragged everyone ice skating, since he loves the cold so much. And he "snowplowed" (a type of skating brake) those who disagreed to skate. Hehe... the snowmen look cute (I look like that too when someone pulls that on me). Shuta is so evil. Anyone notice that I always give Shinjiro and Shuta the coolest shirts. Look at what is on Shuta shirt! Everyone else is having so much fun. Chiaki looks so graceful, look out Asada Mao. Hmm... where did Nissy get the idea to "swim" on ice? Actually it's really fun to pretend to swim on ice, but then your belly gets all cold. No one loves snow more than Nissy. Coincidentally, you can make snow on ice by using your skates to shave the ice. Nissy is one crazy snowball warrior. But Misako is even better. If Chiaki can shatter windows(original comic), seeing Misako knock out Nissy is insane. Mhmm, AAA in their winter environment, so amusing...

Alight, see you all next year!

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Cake Fight!!!

Okay... it's a little late since their birthdays were days ago. I was busy!
This week's comic is a short animation I created!

I didn't have too much time to draw a full length comic. I've been busy even after finals. I have to work (real-life work) in the suburbs (so far!) until New Year. They really aren't letting me relax. Anyways, I was working on this animation to submit to a special on [community profile] attackallaround . This one is translated into English. I am so happy I made a good animation. My dream is slowly becoming a reality!

Enjoy the animation everyone!!!

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Paranoid? Nah...

1. Byakko: Shinjiro's evil fluffy cat (for those who missed that chapter)
2. Hunter:Shuta was on a variety show where he plays hide'n'seek/tag with "hunters" that eliminated players from the game
3. Animate!: It's a Japanese anime/toy store chain that can be found all over Japan and in some Asian countries.

So yeah, I finished this one last week. I was too lazy to do the Naoya special on here so I scraped it! Blame the laziness and the 15 page essays I need to finish by next week.

Okay! I based this one off of the game show Shuta was on last time. You'd think that he actually would've had a chance if he wasn't so distracted with his one weakness (his love of dancing). It has got to be really scary to be chased by some guys in suits who run inhumanly fast.

Basically, Shuta is starting to get along with Byakko, so he went with Hidaka to go buy an anime (my fav btw). Little did Shuta know... he left his phone back at the anime store by accident. A kind man went through the trouble finding Shuta to return his phone. The man's appearance looks very much like a federal agent or a "hunter." Thus, causing a traumatized Shuta to do something stupid. Yes, post traumatic stress would sum it up, but you know, he's getting better at his escape plan; he actually got away... yay? Eventually, The man returns Shuta's pi-phone (pineapple phone, lol) to Hidaka.

I really liked working on this one. It cracked me up!
Heads up, the next comic will be super delayed because of finals.


I will post this up while I still can.
But... I will no have internet access for the next few days (or this week) Comcast cut me off.
I'm using the internet connection at work... (don't tell my boss)

Also I wanted to do a quick announcement that I am changing what will be posted.

1) This week's comic may be posted late due to no internet
2) The Shuta special was supposed to be today, but its cancelled
3) Instead, Naoya's b-day special will be this week's comic

Okay, that's all I got to say.
Enjoy your week!

Halloween Party

Happy Halloween everyone!!! Click the image for enlarged view
It's up, the Halloween special is finally up and I am so happy that I finished it in time!

Yeah! That's right! I said it! Here comes the hate mail.
I don't necessarily "hate" Twilight, I just did not enjoy the quality of the film itself. I have nothing against the series. But I love poking fun at it. Huh, who knew Hidaka was a closet Jacob fan.

Basically, they decided to have a Halloween party at work. Everyone is having a great time and everybody has great costumes. Well, I'm pretty sure they don't have trick-or-treating in Japan. And also, everyone can see which one Shuta is, right? From a side view, I can't tell him apart from Hidaka until I color their hair. But yeah, Shuta is in a Kitsune ninja outfit. Haha, I gave Naoya and Hidaka their awkward "Shizaya" (Durarara) moment (with a Twilight reference).

As for our wonderful Nissy... NEVER LOAD HIM UP WITH SUGAR. No one wants to be around a super hyper Nissy! Unless you want all hell to break loose. Lol Shin with handcuffs, where was he hiding those? My cousin whom is a hardcore "Reborn" fan, was looking at this and she screamed out, "KYAAA THE HANDCUFFS, IT'S HIBARI'S CAMBIO FORMA!!!" Hehe... crazy Reborn fan. It's not Hibari's handcuffs. Excuse the monologue, but in any case, hoped you enjoyed it!

Temporary Cancellation

I guess this is a rather late post.
But, this week's comic was cancelled on account of yet another injury that has left me nearly paralyzed.

I have been bedridden and unable to walk (or sit upright) for the past few days.
I'm hoping to get better soon so I can draw and get back to school.
grrrr limited typing ability...

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As usaul click on the comic or here for a larger view.

1.) Itadakimasu:
Thank you for the food

Wohoo it's up. I actually finished drawing it on Wednesday, but because I was so busy this week, I didn't ink and edit it until Sunday.

So here's what went down before Shuta's disaster began...

Shin: *busts through Shuta's door* Hey Shuta!
Shuta: Why do you have my key?!
Shin: Not important...
*puts cat on ground and surrounds Shuta with cat stuff*
Shuta: What's all this?
Shin: I'm going out of town all week for a commercial shoot, please take care of Byakko
Shuta: Wait, why me?!
Shin: Feed him twice a day! *runs out the door*

Shuta: *dials Misako* Yo, I'm cat-sitting for Shinjiro, can you stop by?
Misako: Ahahaha, I thought he was joking when he said he had a cat, be there soon
*hangs up*

Wow, Shinjiro just dropped off his cat and left without saying much.
Poor Shuta, the cat really wants that sandwich. Byakko just doesn't like Shuta does he? Misako is a quick thinker, cats will generally calm down if they're getting treats. Shuta has to deal with this madness for a whole week. Good luck!

Talent Doesn't Sell

Click on the image or here for a larger view.

1.) Wagyu: Expensive high quality beef.
2.) Itai!: Ouch!

I can't believe I wrote this. I am such a nerd and know nothing about this...*face palming myself into oblivion*
It's an idea that I've had for a while, seeing as how shounen-ai fanservice has been a big money maker in the entertainment industry. (there was a documentary done on it) There was a specific company that lives off this... not saying any names, but you know who. Call me old fashioned, I liked music when it was all just about the music.

Regardless this was funny and based off someone's user pic I saw in a forum somewhere. It was a picture of a celebrity eating ramen and it said "...... doesn't pay us enough to buy food." or something like that. I'm just playing around with pairings, gahh... I wanted to do more pairings but they don't fit on one page.

LIES, ALL OF IT, LIES!!! I am not paying them to do fanservice! They just want attention. There is some truth to this though. Artists don't get that much money, sure they get more than normal people, but not a whole lot. Their record label, production team, and managers take a very large chunk from sales/concerts. Thus, leaving Naoya and the rest to eat instant noodles, cookies, candy, and packed lunches. Although, Shin and Nissy just happened to get their attention when they mention eating out. Apparently, fanservice sells better than talent. Naoya and his bad ideas take it up notch and is defeated by chopsticks. Yes! Shuta and his mad chopstick skills.

btw, I was told not to release the name of my source for record label salary thing (awesomely, they get free i-pods, bikes, phones, and NDS's). And... I have that shirt that Shin is wearing...(Prussia screaming "I am awesome")
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Happy Birthday Epik

Wow! I haven't been on for a while. I apologize, my excuse this time is that psychology class got in the way.

But it seems like I'm not the only one who has been absent for a bit, it looks pretty quiet on here in general. Where is everyone?!

On to today's comic:  Due to popular demand, Pika-Nao has been brought back for this special comic. Now you know why Shuta was grinning evilly in the previous comic. Nissy and Shuta went to go bribe convince Naoya to do something cool for this illustrator's birthday(on Aug. 28). So they bribed tempted Naoya with my ice cream cake.

Nao-kun is doing the "chicken dance" in a Pikachu suit... You know you love it...
The things Naoya will do for cake.......

PS If you noticed in the corner, my sig has changed. When I was in Taiwan, I got a custom stamp made so I can stamp my pen name and logo on my artwork. Hahaha it's Tako-chan!!!
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Responsible Chiaki?

Sorry everyone, this is "Looqnus's" first time doing a web-illustration. The panels are not clear and sequential, which is why I will be narrating.

Hopefully I can translate this properly into English.
Here it goes:
Basically... Chiaki runs off from her responsibilities to go have some fun. She plants a tree which then sprouts "facebook" and "twitter" apps. Because they totally grow on trees. She procrastinates and continues playing with "twitter." Then out of nowhere, the "paperwork monster" appears and reminds her that she still has a few things to finish up before she can play around. Disappointed, she realizes that your own responsibilities have a priority over social networking.

Looqnus had told me that stories with lessons are easy for people to relate to.
Anyways, Looqnus is happy about the guest artist special I'm having on here.

I hope all of you liked Looqnus's comic, it was very cute!
Next up, I think it will be by "Jartist4," I need to go check on that.
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We're Back!

Yes! I'm finally back. School has officially started last week too. We'll see if I can keep up posting weekly like I normally do. Don't worry about me, I'm fine. Seat-belts really do save lives! I again apologize for not responding to some comments and the long delays because of my absence.

My birthday is on Sunday this month. You don't need to give me gifts (unless you want to), but I'll give all the AAAttackers fans a special gift in the form of comic. There will be two gifts in celebration of this illustrator's birthday: one will be a comic drawn by a guest artist, the second will be a special comic drawn by myself.

In today's comic, Nissy is plotting a surprise along with Shuta. What will it be?! Why does Shuta look so scary?! Look at that evil grin. What are these two planning to do to a certain "leader?" Seriously, I never intended to make Shuta look that scary, it creeps me out. But yeah, stay tuned to find out what these two have planned.

Be Back Soon!

I apologize for not updating this web-comic for the longest time.
I am still on vacation after all...
By the way, I dyed my my hair a weird cross between blonde and super light brown while I was in Taiwan.

And also..... I (the illustrator) have severely injured myself two days ago. The series of accidents involved a detachable car seat, a bookshelf, and a bunkbed. I need to get a CT scan done on my head tomorrow and hopefully they won't tell me I have brain damage (considering the horrible state of the back of my head).

I hope to update soon and I hope to get better soon too.

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Thank You for the Meal

1.) Oishi: Delicious
2.) Chow mein: Common Chinese noodle dish
3) Shenme: (shen-ma) Mandarin for "what?"
4.) Xiexie: (shi-e shi-e) Mandarin for "thank you"

Aww... I got this one up a little late. I'm having a bit of a crazy time in Taiwan right now, constantly getting lost at every corner... nearly getting kidnapped (jk).

So at these banquets, you need to gather a minimum of 8 people to eat tons of super delicious food with you. Banquet food usually consists of upscale dishes that are not sold in common restaurants. Getting invited to a Taiwanese banquet is an opportunity that should not be passed.

Chiaki has a basic understanding in Mandarin, but when put on the spot... she seems to have forgotten how to speak Mandarin... Nice... Yet, Hidaka and Misako were able to thank their host properly. Sorry for the lack of background, this was the last comic I squeezed in before boarding the plane. I still got one more week in Taiwan, yay!

This scenario was based off a past dining experience... Arata is probably murdering me in her mind right now, muahahaha! PS I've been here for two weeks and "hello", "thank you", and "what", are the only words I know... (almost no one speaks English here in Taiwan, I don't know how I survived).