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1. Byakko: Shinjiro's evil fluffy cat (for those who missed that chapter)
2. Hunter:Shuta was on a variety show where he plays hide'n'seek/tag with "hunters" that eliminated players from the game
3. Animate!: It's a Japanese anime/toy store chain that can be found all over Japan and in some Asian countries.

So yeah, I finished this one last week. I was too lazy to do the Naoya special on here so I scraped it! Blame the laziness and the 15 page essays I need to finish by next week.

Okay! I based this one off of the game show Shuta was on last time. You'd think that he actually would've had a chance if he wasn't so distracted with his one weakness (his love of dancing). It has got to be really scary to be chased by some guys in suits who run inhumanly fast.

Basically, Shuta is starting to get along with Byakko, so he went with Hidaka to go buy an anime (my fav btw). Little did Shuta know... he left his phone back at the anime store by accident. A kind man went through the trouble finding Shuta to return his phone. The man's appearance looks very much like a federal agent or a "hunter." Thus, causing a traumatized Shuta to do something stupid. Yes, post traumatic stress would sum it up, but you know, he's getting better at his escape plan; he actually got away... yay? Eventually, The man returns Shuta's pi-phone (pineapple phone, lol) to Hidaka.

I really liked working on this one. It cracked me up!
Heads up, the next comic will be super delayed because of finals.
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